In Brief

Life ever-changing tries to catch us unaware. The capricious jumble of inflations, recessions, interest rate

dances - and we have created an arsenal of methods to encounter all these factors. We are not prepared to

absorb the avalanche of new information and knowledge. Meanwhile more and more people realize that the

exponential explosion of information is just a hyperinflation of knowledge-related words; that unusual new

problems call for new methods of thinking; that instead of diligently following the standard rules of

reasoning, we would be better off changing the old guidelines and creating new ones. New disciplines and

technologies should not only enrich our vocabularies with overlapping terms; they should require new

techniques of dealing with knowledge.

Adults are hopeless. Children should be our focus of attention. We propose a series of books that teach

youngsters how to face the hyperinflation of knowledge, win, and even help us, adults, to modernize our

obsolete tools of intelligence.